While the URGIENT platform is both powerful and flexible, it is also simple, intuitive and efficient for users, managers and administrators.

Some Highlights
Mobile 1st
One interface regardless of device. Manage the entire URGIENT Platform from your smartphone.
No Software to Install
URGIENT works with any modern web-browser.
No Locally Stored Data
All data is stored in our secure, world class datacenters. Data is never stored on user devices. Period.
Standard Metaphors
Users are 'Paged', re-enforcing the critical only nature of URGIENT. Users see page statuses in a common "Traffic Light" color pattern allowing them to quickly focus their attention where needed.
Page Notes
Page Notes allow users to document a page throughout its lifecycle. Like all other page elements, notes are immutable.
Device Registration
Users have fast, secure, frictionless access to their pages, at the moment they need it.
Robust Search
Simple, powerful, flexible search tools allows users to quickly find any thing in the system.
1 Button Export
Export pages to your EHR (or other repository) without the need for costly custom interfaces.
*67 or Regular Callbacks
Choice of *67 or regular callbacks allows OnCall personnel the ability to hide their telephone number on call backs when they don't want their telephone number exposed.
Dept OnCall Inboxes
Department OnCall inboxes provide a shared view of a department's on-call pages which improves quality and makes for quick and easy shift transitions. Be confident nothing has 'fallen through the cracks'.
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Sectegrity URGIENT Page View
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