When the Message is Critical
URGIENT Delivers

Doctors trust URGIENT to deliver their critical messages

Medical On-Call Services Require a Paging System
That is Not Only Secure, But Also...

Improve the quality of your on-call services with URGIENT
Raises Quality
URGIENT enables your medical on-call service to be more secure, reliable, accurate and accountable.
Improve the efficiency of your on-call services with URGIENT
Increases Efficiency
URGIENT was designed to be as frictionless as possible for your on-call medical staff, enabling physicians to focus on the patient instead of the messaging system.
Improve HIPAA compliance in your on-call services with URGIENT
Maintains Compliance
The URGIENT secure paging platform is not only HIPAA compliant, it offers controls that help reduce the burdens of HIPAA on healthcare organizations.
Reduce risks in your on-call service with URGIENT
Reduces Risk
As compliance, quality and efficiency in your on-call service increases, your service risks decrease.
URGIENT can lower the costs of your oncall service.
Lowers Costs
URGIENT easily replaces expensive:

Error prone answering services.

Noisy, hard-to-use, kitchen-sink medical messaging apps.

Obsolete, insecure physical pagers.

The URGIENT Advantage

The center of a comprehensive critical communications plan

The Clear Choice
in Medical Messaging

URGIENT is more secure, accurate and reliable than answering services

Medical Answering Services

As you have probably experienced, answering services are expensive, prone to human error, do not manage the message lifecycle, and are often not even HIPAA compliant.

Here's the thing, answering services rely on a third person to construe, document and then route each message to its intended recipient. Each step in this process increases the likelihood that the message will arrive with errors, if it even arrives at all.

Once the answering service sends the message it is up to the recipient to manage the message to closure. Often this is done with home-grown tools which offer limited visability, questionable HIPAA compliance, and sketchy security.

In contrast, the URGIENT platform:

✓ Costs a fraction of typical answering services
✓ Is far more accurate, reliable and secure
✓ Efficiently manages the full lifecycle of the message
✓ Is HIPAA compliant
URGIENT adds efficiency and lowers risk compared to typical HIPAA compliant messaging apps

Typical Medical Messaging Apps

The URGIENT platform was designed strictly for secure, HIPAA compliant paging (critical messaging) and easily co-exists with other messaging platforms (EHR, E-mail, VoiceMail, SharePoint, etc...)

Typical medical messaging apps want to be "communication hubs", their broad scope:

✗ Introduces large technology overlaps

✗ Creates end-user confusion/inefficiency from overlapping active message queues.

✗ Adds legal complexity in managing the lifecycle of the data.

✗ Raises compliance risks from storage of PHI on user devices.

✗ Adds administrative burdens due to managing the app's software lifecycle against disparate end-user devices.

✗ Increases the risk that critical messages will be missed due to all the "noise" in the system.

Many messaging apps require the installation of management software, mobile apps, and even on-premises servers.

In contrast, the URGIENT platform:

✓ Does not store data on user devices
✓ Does not require any software to be installed
✓ Works the same on any device
✓ Does not overlap with existing technology
✓ Easily integrates with existing technology
✓ Minimizes end user inefficiency and confusion
✓ Reduces risk
✓ Minimizes complexity
✓ Reduces burdens

URGIENT is more secure and reliable than physical pagers

Physical Pagers

Physical pagers have been the staple in critical communications for more than 50 years, so much so, the concept of paging is synonymous with critical communications. This is most especially true in the healthcare industry, where a 2017 study published in the Journal of Hospital Medicine found that nearly 80% of hospitals still use physical pagers, even though the pager's time has clearly passed.

Today, the ability of legacy paging technology to securely and reliably deliver critical messages is functionally inadequate. The coverage of legacy paging networks is extremely limited, leaving many markets without any paging coverage and other markets with only spotty paging coverage by a single carrier.

Legacy pagers, for the most part, are not secure. These pagers have no authentication controls, they receive (some even transmit) and store their pages without any encryption. This 2018 article demonstates how a person with a little bit of skill, a computer and a $30 antenna can passively scan hospital's legacy paging system for PHI. For healthcare entities that require HIPAA compliance, legacy paging systems simply are not HIPAA compliant.

Acquiring and provisioning pagers is a slow, expensive and labor intensive process.

Lastly, a pager is yet another device that your users must carry.

In contrast, the URGIENT platform:

✓ Runs over cellular/WiFi networks
✓ Uses the smartphones your users already have
✓ Stores no data on users' phones
✓ Encrypts all data while at rest and in transit
✓ Allows the user to self register their own telephone
✓ Is HIPAA compliant

Features Medical On-Call Services

The URGIENT secure paging platform has a robust built in scheduler
Built-in Scheduler
No need to purchase and integrate a third party scheduler. URGIENT provides its own robust scheduler.
Built in reminders ensure critical messages are not missed
Users are reminded of un-read pages. Reminders are configurable by both time between reminders and maximium number of reminders to send.
Call levels ensure your paging system aligns to your organization'' on-call structure
Call Levels
URGIENT supports primary, secondary and tertiary call levels.
Auto escalations ensure that no page will fall missed
Auto Escalations
Automatically escalate oncall pages to the next call level if a user is either temporarily unavailable or hasn't read the page within a configurable window.
URGIENT provides full audit logs for every page
Page Audit Logs
Page Audit Logs are directly accessible from within a Page. See the full history of the Page including (but not limitted to) submissions, views, status changes, notes, escalations, etc... all entries show the responsible / target party.
Every department has its on on-call personnel and schedule
Department Oncall Inboxes
Provides a shared, fully detailed view of all pages sent to the department's oncall service. Besides the benefit of oversight, these shared views provide for quick and efficient shift changes, ensuring "nothing falls through cracks".
URGIENT has a unique device registration that allows for fast secure access to pages
Device Registration
Users have fast, secure, frictionless access to their pages, at the moment they need it.
URGIENT's GROUPS allow for multi-department response teams
Group departments to create multi-department response teams. Each embedded department maintains its own oncall schedule and reminder/escalation policies.
Page notes allow physicians to document pages throught their lifecycle
Page Notes
Page Notes allow users to document a page throughout its lifecycle. Like all other page elements, notes are immutable.
URGIENT allows for easy export of pages to virtually any EHR without the need for custom interfaces
1 Button Export
Export pages to virtually any EHR (or other repository) without the need for costly custom interfaces.
URGIENT enables user efficiency with 1 button call backs
*67 or Regular Callbacks
Choice of *67 or regular callbacks allows on-call personnel the ability to hide their telephone number during call backs when they don't want their telephone number exposed.

Out of the Box
Paging Interfaces

Pages can be sent from an URGIENT hosted voicemail box


Hosted by URGIENT, our voicemail interface easily integrates with your existing telephony system.

Set an auto attendant menu option to forward the call to your URGIENT telephone number. Or publish the URGIENT telephone number for your patients to call in times of medical urgency. That is it. Voicemails are embedded in the body of the page.

Voicemail greetings are fully configurable for both enabled and disabled states.
Pages can be sent from an URGIENT hosted email address


Send system alerts (or other important messages) directly to the desired URGIENT hosted e-mail address and the page will be sent to the respective Department's OnCall personnel.

Note: The e-mail interface is not to be used for transmitting PHI and its use falls outside of our BAA.
Customers and patients can send pages from URGIENT hosted webforms


Linked off your website, URGIENT hosted webforms allow patients (and others who do not have accounts in URGIENT) the ability to directly page the respective Department's OnCall personnel.
Pages can sent through URGIENT's API


Send system alerts (or other important messages) directly to the desired URGIENT API endpoint and the page will be sent to the respective Department's OnCall personnel.
Users can send pages directly from URGIENT's user portal

User Portal

Accessible from any modern web browser. The user portal provides full access to the Urgient system including management, sending pages, viewing pages, reporting, etc...

Sends Pages Exactly Where they Need to Go

Send pages directly to a specific user
Directly page a specific user.
Send pages to a department's on-call personnel
Department On-Call
Page a department's on-call personnel. URGIENT supports primary, secondary, tertiary call levels and auto escalations.
Send pages to an entire department
Send a page to an entire department. The message will be delivered to every member of the department.
Send pages to an entire group
Send a page to an entire group. Group Departments and users together to create multi-department/multi-user response teams. Each embedded department uses its own on-call schedule and reminder/escalation policies.
Send pages to an entire location
Send a page to an entire Location. The message will be delivered to every member of that location.
Send pages to the entire organization
Send a page to the entire organization. The message will be delivered to every member of the organization.

A BYOD Paging System
That Really Works

URGIENT's mobile first interface allows for a common experience on virtually any device
Mobile 1st
One interface regardless of device. Manage the entire URGIENT Paging Platform from your smartphone.
Does not require any software to be installed
No Software to Install
URGIENT works with any modern web-browser.
URGIENT never stores data on customer devices
No Locally Stored Data
All data is stored in our secure, world class datacenters. Data is never stored on user devices, substantially alleviating HIPAA burdens.
Secure, frictionless access to your critical communications
Device Registration
Users have fast, secure, frictionless access to their pages, at the moment they need it.
Clients have the flexibility of using their own authentication system
Use your authentication system, our authentication system or both.

One Interface
Any Device

URGIENT uses the same interface with virtually any device
Standard metaphores enables users to be more efficient
Standard Metaphors

Users are 'Paged', re-enforcing the critical only nature of URGIENT.

Page statuses are in a common "Traffic Light" color pattern allowing users to quickly focus their attention where needed.
List of Pages
Viewing a Page
URGIENT provides many useful features to make your oncall staff's jobs easier

URGIENT was desinged to make providers' jobs easier.

Page Notes

*67 callbacks

1 button page exports

Embedded voicemails

and much more
Our mobile first interface allows for a common experience across virtually any device
Mobile 1st

This is not just empty tech speak.

One interface, any device.

Easily manage the entire URGIENT Paging Platform from your smartphone.
Viewing a Page

Purpose Built Secure Paging Platform
Developed by Security Engineers
Born in the Cloud

Purpose built for medical on-call services and business continuity

Built for
Business Continuity

Built for
On-Call Services

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